Sankhla Textiles manufactures high-end technical textile fabrics for customers across the globe.


No.2 Race Course Road Bangalore 560001 Karanataka, India Call us + 91 80 22286099 Mail us [email protected]


About us

We create textiles that protect and perform.

Who Are We?

Sankhla Industries has its Head Quarters on Race Course Road, Bangalore and has been in the manufacturing business since 1975. We have businesses in Textiles, Polymers, Cables and Lighting Industry with a niche created in each market. Each of our industries is run by a highly competent group of individuals with experience and skill sets in the required fields.

Our textile business has been active from the year 2011. We have an extensive portfolio of activities: Weaving, coating, finishing and many others. Our team of over 210 people who have been with us for over 30 years is highly driven, taking up new challenges, exploring new markets and products, and innovating new solutions and services in an intelligent way. We have a highly advanced R&D team which works tirelessly to ensure that our customers get the best and the latest solutions to their problems.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Yarn

  • $100

    per month

    • Yarn Types
      Filament, Multifilament, Bi-Component, Spun
    • Processing
      Texturing (Crimp, Twist, others), Multi-Ply Twisting, Chemical Application, Warping/Slashing, Sectional Warping
    • Fiber Types
      Polyester, Nylon,  Aramids, Polypropylene, Polyethylene
  • Fabric

  • $100

    per month

      • Weaving
        Air Jet, Rapier






  • Finishing

  • $100

    per month

    • Face Finishing
      Embossing, Hydrofinishing, Calendering
    • Chemistries
      FR, Soil Release (Visa), Solvent Repulsion, Antimicrobial, Antistatic,UV Protection, Moisture Management, Repel Release, Chemical Splash
    • Coatings
      Dip, Knife

The Team

Managing Director