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Protech (Ballistic Fabrics)

Be it for the life of a soldiers, police and paramilitary, or the world of composites, aramid fabrics are used everywhere. Giving the highest strength to weight ratio, these fabrics are 5 times stronger than steel and have the capability of preventing damage from bullets travelling much faster than the speed of sound.

Aramid fabrics are the fasted growing technical textiles having a range of applications. The technology to make this is guarded secret and few have succeeded in weaving it. Sankhla’s have entered this field with this innovative technology for mass production.

We make Aramid fabric ranging from 500D to 3000D under our brand 'Ironhide'.

We are capable of successfully weaving NIJ II, NIJ II -A, NIJ III, NIJ III A standards.

Some of the standard fabrics are given below:

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ST 501 (Primary Application - Body Armor)

  • It's a 500 Denier product, one of the most light weight fabrics for ballistic applications
  • It comes in two variants; one is of 130gsm and another of 150 gsm.
  • This is primarily used for ballistic as well as fragment protection and successfully used in vests for the military.
  • This comes with water repellant treatment and greige fabric form


ST 801 (Primary Application - Body Armor)

  • This is a 840 Denier product excellent for protection against small fragments.
  • This comes in three standard variants; 145gsm, 170gsm and 195gsm.
  • Economical product for the military application
  • Used worldwide for the bullet proof jackets and passes the required tests.
  • This comes with water repellant treatment and greige fabric form.


ST 1101 (Primary Application - Bomb Blankets)

  • This is a 1100 Denier fabric with very high cover factor
  • This is ideally used for bomb blankets as well as Armed vehicular transports
  • This comes in 280gsm as well as 330gsm variants
  • This comes with water repellant finish as well as greige fabric forms.


ST 3001 (Primary Application - Helmets)

  • This is a 3000 Denier Fabric, which is a very heavy variety
  • It is widely used in hard ballistic application
  • Helmet shells are made from this fabric
  • Available in scoured form as well as required pre peg