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Industrial Fabrics

Industrial fabrics cover a wide range of fabrics which are used for their high performance. Some of their applications are in

1. Tyre industry
2. Conveyer belts
3. Inflatable Fabrics
4. Tents & Tarpaulins (Tarps)
5. Luggage fabrics

We at Sankhla Textiles can weave any synthetic fabric from 200D to 3000D and provide the necessary coating. Our state of the art facility and our superior production process ensure that the customer receives the highest quality. Our team of people is dedicated to giving the customers solutions to their requirement at a competitive cost.

At Sankhla Textiles, we also have custom made fabrics to which we are open to sampling. We could develop for the customer specific requirements and get the necessary coated fabrics for the same. We are also looking at glass fiber fabrics as a possible area of expertise and will have to see how to fit that in.

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