About Us

Sankhla Textiles, sister company of Sankhla Industries mainly manufactures Aramid Fabric. We also manufacture customized fabrics.

Sankhla Textiles set up by relocating a state of the art facility from USA in 2012 to manufacture aramid bullet resistant ballistic fabric in Bangalore after purchasing the same on a LSB basis. This facility was weaving bullet proof fabric made out of Kevlar and supplying to a leading vest and helmets manufacturer who was supplying to US Army and para military forces in USA. The venture was a JV between an Israeli and a USA company and was weaving 90000 yards per week.

The facility is capable of weaving all high tenacity yarns of aramid, nylon and polyester and further the fabric can be scoured and a finishing of water repellent or any kind of coating can be provided by partnering with specialists in coating. Sankhla Textiles can coat with Vinyl, PU, Silicone and any other polymers as per the requirement of the customers.